Small Takings – Disappearing Rights & Errosion of Ownership

Each session of congress seems to adopt some cause celebrity that is used as justification to take away some aspect of liberty.

Usually it is something small, like chaging the rules that you can only sell/trade/transfer some item in a fashion other than in a true laize faire free marketplace.

Or a fractional theft of ownership by a taxation, user fee or other levy associated with ownership, use or possession. Where one moment you were the ONLY person with a vested interest in some item, after the levy you either have to pay on an ongoing basis or at transfer some amount of unearned value the government has laid claim to.

Be clear that this is across party lines. All the pols play “Robin Hood” and it you listen closely to their campaign pledges they often distill down to something that could be paraphrased as “If you elect me as your government thief in the night, I will do a better job of making sure you get a bigger portion of the plunder than those other guys.”

And this is nothing new. It is arguable that we have less of government outright stealing from the people than under some of the governments in history.

One wonders if a non-thief – an anti-Robin Hood – could ever be elected to public office – as they would not campaign well lacking the bag of plunder called taxation, fees & levies, to offer to those who vote for them.




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