Bad Monkeys – great new read by Matt Ruff

Author Matt Ruff has a new romping mind twist novel out “Bad Monkeys”

Themed around his “OMNES MUNDUM FACIMUS” slogan the novel a dystopian mix of “Catcher in the Rye” meets “1984” mixed with a bit of “V is for Vengeance” vigilantism and a good dash of “The Matrix” – oh did I mention the mind twist?

Not wanting to spoil the plot it is enough to say that few of the characters real end up as what they seem.


He has a cool website running just for the booK:

The super-secret Bad Monkeys web site is now open to visitors:


Come by and snoop around. You might win something.

Any books that has feature lines like “Well, it all started when I figured out that the janitor at my high school was the Angel of Death...” well … just has to be cool!

My copy came from Amazon, in a strange sealed brown mailer from some mysterious sounding “fulfillment operation” which is likely just coincidence – a sort of serendipity – but then reading “Bad Monkeys” perhaps it was not!

I’ll write a bit about Matt Ruffs other novels later in the year.

“Bad Monkeys” – a recommended read!




2 comments so far

  1. k9zw on

    Received a kind email from Matt Ruff that he would send out a stack of his “viral marketing” drop cards.

    Will post a photo when they arrive!



  2. TheLivingPoet on

    I read this book at school for a reading bowl competition and loved it so much I read it three times and got every question about it correct at competition. But other than the fact that it helped out my reading bowl team it was a realy awesome mind bender. After finnishing it the first time I honestly could say that the ending did surprize me just a bit. Especialy the part where Jane’s brother is…

    Ha! I can’t spoil the ending so I guess you’ll all have to buy it and figure it out! XD

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