A Good Read – Life Tools Series – The Seven Laws of Money by Phillips & Rasberry

Seven Laws Cover

“THE SEVEN LAWS OF MONEY” is the second recommendation in the “Life Tools Series” – a book important enough that you really should read it and own a copy.

The following laws were published in 1977 in ‘Seven laws of Money’ by Mike Phillips. Mike, a Bank of America banker, was instrumental in developing Master Charge.

1. Do it! Money will come when you are doing the right thing.
2. Money has its own rules: records, budgets, savings, borrowing.
3. Money is a dream – a fantasy as alluring as the Pied Piper.
4. Money is a nightmare – in jail, robbery, fears of poverty.
5. You can never give money away.
6. You can never really receive money as a gift.
7. There are worlds without money.

This one is easy to track down as it is in print and available from Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0931425417/

Consider this the Economics “Life Series Tool” book.

Highly recommended!



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  1. fred on

    make sure you also read Michael Phillip’s and Sali Rasberry’s other equally important books: 1) Honest Business 2) Marketing Without Advertising

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