Social Insanity – Treating Adults as Children through Adverse Alcohol Laws

The Alcohol Laws of our nation have gone from extremes over the years – from a complete free for all, to prohibition, to the laize faire tax focused rules that only since the 1980’s have been overshadowed by Social Engineering Laws.

These well intended Social Engineering Laws have for the greater part been a failure, have had disproportionate social costs, have disenfranchised an entire age segment of our otherwise adult population, have created an underclass of lifetime scarred young adults, and have taught our youth to be criminals.

No alcohol before age 21 is nonsense.  Personal Social Responsibility (note the PERSONAL aspect) makes sense, but when laws attempt to enforce responsibility they are doomed to fail.

Treated as a stupid law leads to treating all laws as “negotiable”

Lighter penalties for illegal drug usage adding to the social folly

Vastly out of sync with world view

Bad social engineering leading to creation by design of a social underclass

Is the lesson that “The Law is an Ass” one we really want to reinforce with our young adults?

Society (American that is) needs to rethink this well meaning, but otherwise stupid bit of social engineering.



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