Is Gov. Sarah Palin the “John Galt” of our Day & Times?

Who would have thought that one person, no matter how principled, disciplined and able bodied would be the catalyst for such a societal change!

In Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged (written up on its 50th anniversary on my Amateur Radio Blog) the character John Galt not only was a fulcrum for the plot at most every turn, but came to represent to the common person in the street an idea of superior ability through right thinking and principles.

In many ways Gov. Sarah Palin has become a similar causal agent for a major paradigm shift to the same right thinking and principles as John Galt expressed.

In Atlas Shrugged John Galt lead a solid response to rampant Socialism, creating his own Laize Faire society in the end.  

Perhaps our societal paradigm shift is quickening early enough to allow a “save” of our Free Market economy and Constitutionalist Society, rather than being left behind by a neo-Laize Faire creation elsewhere.

The political discussions since Sarah entered the race have risen in quality, quantity and relevance to the man-in-the-street.

The scope of engagement is massive, specially when compared to the lackluster of the post-Hilary-pre-convention race.

Regardless of who will win, the race has changed – the USA Political Scene has been changed – and we won’t be going back.

Is Gov. Sarah Palin the “John Galt” of our Day & Times?  One hopes so.





2 comments so far

  1. k9zw on

    A heads up to the rabid sorts attempting to leave completely debunked falsehoods about ANY of the candidates – your comments will not be posted.

    Knock yourselves out posting them here if you want, but it is really not worth your time to cut & paste from the Hate-Blogs, as these posts will not pass moderation.


  2. Northia B. Murchison on

    I just found out some good stuff about Sarah Palin
    that has and will be the deciding factor in my vote. Thank God for revelation and wisdom that comes from Him alone.

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