Video Montages – “Viewing this Material May Result in Lowering of User’s IQ.”

Today I had an interesting email discussion with a fellow blogger who objected to my commenting that a highly partisan propaganda video he had posted in a hobby orientated blog was “unfair politics!”

So many of the various internet videos, of every political persuasion, are pure propaganda.

When done as parody (yeah, I like JibJab – they often are pretty funny & fun) the use of sound/video-bites in a Mash-Up or Montage has its place.

When they are “decontexted” to the point of loosing their reference point for meaning, and then overlaid with propaganda, they loose all utility.  In these cases they have forsaken truth for political aims.

In the words of one author  “[these] video should come with the warning that ‘viewing this material may result in lowering of user’s IQ.'”

Certainly one must have drank the “Purple Koolaide” for the propagandist’s political party not to see through these video slanders.

I am not linking to today’s worst, or to my friend’s blog, as these flight of fancy fiction productions might work for Michael Moore and his crowd, but they lack the truth needed to link to them.  Actually we should remember that lying and repeating these lies has been done mostly for personal gain, having made some of these propagandists very wealthy.

My friend did write that he really wants to write about politics and things other than the hobby where he has blogged for years and will be changing his blog & domain to reflect his change in focus.  That is only fair, rather than placing video propaganda in the midst of a thought stream otherwise unpolitical.

As for the net in general, go to the original videos, and make sure you watch enough to put the comments in context.  

Be sure what you see is in keeping with what actually went down.

Look for quality and remember to give the video montage propagandist’s drivel a wide berth.



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