The Overcommitted – Just Drink this Purple Koolaid Kids…


Purple Koolaid

Purple Koolaid

Very interesting political scene, with very interesting personal responses.

Have been amazed by the rabid Palin-Haters – folks who tell you they “just hate that woman” while offering not a speck of a reason why. Dislike someone, sure; Dislike their politics, yeah ok; but “Hate Them??”

They make claims that “Race” is the only reason Obama isn’t doing better – that the “rednecks won’t vote for a black man.”

And then they concede that they think McCain will win, but that they “just hate that woman!”

Very hard to understand the substitution of emotion for logic by intelligent folk who otherwise have a “reason why” for most everything.  

Then to not be willing to admit they are operating emotionally (that is OK folks, but you should admit it, at least to yourself) takes it to the level of “The Overcommitted.”

Facts, fair-play, and the usual values they use in their lives are set aside once they are overcommitted.

It was bizarre to heat them discussing the new Catholic Bishop for the local diocese, and other issues very very Roman Catholic while wearing lapel pins championing Obama, knowing his pro-abortion stance.

How do they hold a pro-Obama & pro-Life simultaneous stance?

The Overcommitted often are emotionally invested to an extent that logic no longer leads their decision making.

They also dwell on the negatives of alternate choices, magnifying these negatives in a form of hollow self justification.  

Basically they set aside their logical calculation and feed themselves purposely inaccurate information in an attempt to justify illogical conclusions.

They truly have drank and drank deeply of the Purple Koolaid of emotional reactionism.

Not that we all haven’t done this – but usually we come to our senses.

It is an interesting world, isn’t it?



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