Nuanced Nuancers – Purple Koolaid Revisited

In response to my last post The Overcommitted – Just Drink this Purple Koolaid Kids…  several Emails and Comments (not approved) arrived all apparently cut & paste dogmatic appeals to Nuance this or that candidate’s reported stance to some benign fantasy stance.

What rubbish.  

Granted in a political campaign many candidates take nuanced positions depending on who they are trying to appeal to.

We’ve grown to expect & understand a bit of this from politicians.

But to nuance their records based on splitting hairs – shabby arguments that follow the Clinton escapade twisting of words that lead to Former President Bill Clinton being impeached during his second term – is the sign of drinking the purple koolaid.

The repeated material in some of the comments & emails suggest that either the same person is sending them several accounts or this is a case of astroturfing.

What a hoot!

Wonder what other self delusions these Purple Koolaid drinkers have been indulging in?




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