Autumn Project Clean-Out – Things going on the Block

As I’ve been doing in some of my other areas of interest (Amateur Radio, Saxophones) I am in the process of tufting out projects I don’t intend to return to, or stuff that just has accumulated.

I was going through storage and safes, and it is amazing what a person ends up with, and forgets they have:

Alabaster Victorian Lamps

Other Victorian Style Lighting

Big Game Rifles (I don’t think I’ll make the trips the rifles were bought for, and left unused)

Youth Shotguns & RIfles (with the smallest “child” around here at 6′-1″ the short youth-stock stuff is not needed anymore)

Minox Cameras (I keep one for grins, but really have no need for them)

Boxes of conventional vintage cameras

Various Citroen & Panhard parts, manuals and memorabilia 

Quite a few unused musical instruments – autoharp, viola, clarinet, flute, excess saxophones, consort of recorders, possibly some of the Crumhorns if I don’t find a place to play them

A large Dillon reloading set-up, as I remain interested in small batch reloading, but to pull the handle for hours at a time doesn’t interest me

and more.

Over the month of October I’ll put together sales information at the rate I am comfortable in boxing & shipping the excess stuff.



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