Elder-Care under a Rationed Healthcare System

Long distance Elder-Care for my wife’s family in Europe has been frustrating to say the least.

The retired (OAP for Old Age Pensioners there) is very limited access to what is routine here stateside – blood work isn’t routinely done, bone scans, xrays/MRIs and other scans can take months (example how about just one Bone Scan machine for 823,000 patients?), and how about Doctors who nobly are doing their best but lack the time to step away from triage to do preventative or investigative work as a routine?

Little preventative, as the staff is bedraggled with response to Casualty Needs, and has less than the needed time to do proactive healthcare.

Long waits – years for knee work, three years for a Shoulder Scope (and that was a peer aged working friend!), ages for basics.

Misuse of resources – being sent to a back specialist for a knee exam, and the Doctor chap examines the wrong knee, holding recovery patients in full hospital beds as intermediate care has been done away with.

I could off load at length on my extended family’s personal experiences with the failures of Socialized Medicine.

This side of the pond we may have obvious areas of improvement of our health care system, but we do not have the unmitigated failures caused by moving medical care to the public sector.



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