Making an Economic Crisis 101 – Playing Economic War to Force Political Goals

The Economic Warfare being conducted by the American Socialists who have infected our country’s liberal tradition are stunning.

They have been purposeful active catalyst for the economic downturn in effort to sweep in Socialism as lead by their Strawman Obama.

  • Schurmer causing first bank to fail with an illegal leakage to the willing media.
  • Reid causing a run on the Insurance industry with claims that “one insurance company will fail this week.”
  • Google mysteriously reruns a several year old warning causing GE Finance’s shares to drag the market down.
  • Media lead pressures that otherwise would have been less forceful, claiming “doom and gloom” no matter how string the ratios & fundamentals.

It is obvious and hopefully transparent enough that the American populace will see through it.

Foreign investors have already seen through the ruse and their run on dollar based investments has propped up the US Dollar and dropped raw oil costs dramatically.




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