Get Out and Vote!

Per an email:

I will be in person at the polls this morning.

Get Out and Vote!

Don’t care a pinch what the MSM (MainStream Media) says – my vote for McCain will at least deny Obama that one more bit of media claimed mandate, even if my candidate isn’t able to win.

We are experiencing as a nation the results of handing the vote out so freely that we included those in deep conflict of interest in the vote.

Our founding fathers required you meet requirements – be landed (invested and a producer in modern terms) – to vote.

We face the possibility of being outvoted by those on dependent on the government, voting for Marxists-in-Democrat’s-Clothing who have promised to take from us and give it a vote-bribes to these dependents of the government.

We cannot afford to allow them any more of a mandate even if we appear loosing the race.

Even if the Networks call it for the Marxists, we need to vote for our team.

Over the next weeks we may be discussing how to get our heads down to weather a Marxist presidency.

We may be fighting off the worse of so many voting for out of racial guilt for this Marxism.

But now we need to be sure we vote.

Godspeed and may our man win.

Could not agree more.

If you don’t vote you have no horse in the race, and can’t bitch.

Simple as that.



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