Czars in a Land of Elected Officials

Present administration is appointing so called “Czars” right & left.

Even Sen. Byrd (D) has cautioned them these Czars are extra-constitutional, have no pass-down authority and are dangerously unaccountable to either the people or the congress.

We are a land with NO Royalty, even if some politician wants to make up cutesy names to mask illegal powers being given to appointees.

One wonders if any court could support a Czar’s wishes as if they had ANY authority.  The hollowness of their positions, their inability to operate at the level the President imagines with neither Constitutional Authority nor Empowerment as Representatives of the Government by confirmation by Congress is absolutely clear.

Like the foolish Cadets or “Third Lieutenants” often found wandering around Basic Training companies, the can only have authority by running to figures of actual authority and are actually lower than the enlisted soldiers they imagine they can boss around, these Czars are empty shirts.

Mr President, in the case of your Czars, “The Emperor has no Clothes” – these people may be YOUR advisors, but they have NO authority over We the People.


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