Spoken Like a True Parasite

Bought a couple drinks for social acquaintances I ran into while out with friends for a Businessman’s Evening out.

Stunned we were when once they had quaffed a bit of the wine & beer I had bought them with money from my earned wages, that they then proceeded by monologue to tell me how magnificent BHO  & his Socialism was.

“Did you see Obama last night, wasn’t he simple Magnificant??!!”

Lacking in the intellectual process, it is obvious these Union waifs are spending their lives looking for institutional parents.

Too smart to pretend to even be unaware of the type of group they had joined, they compounded our awareness of their ignorance by their thought that any of us gives a toss or one speck of what they have to say after they insult a group of business owners with their Koolaide dementia.

There is a reason these sort of folk work for someone else.

Only one of our group, who has to be sensitive to the liberal side lest he be made sleep in the garage at home, was willing to keep up any conversation with these folk, and afterwards almost to man everyone asked “who were those fools?  What is with the evil crap from the bitch and doesn’t the fellow have a set of balls to tell his wife to shut up?”

On a lighter side , I did notice that drinks bought with earned wages, made of stuff from real capitalist enterprises taht produced the wine & beer, simply doesn’t choke Socialists, specially when they are not paying their own tab.


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