Throttle the Golden Goose – Loons of DC

Painful to watch the new Socialist Administration screw up so much, so quick.

It isn’t as if world history wasn’t full of examples of how a Laize Faire economy pushed into a Socialist State fails.

They think that with a strong grip on business & taxpayers they can force both to “lay more Golden Eggs” while they in fact are throttling the Golden Geese.

A Free Market suddenly made very much less free responds to the paradigm shift to Socialism by withholding productivity.

Atlas will Shrug – the innovators, producers and leaders will pull back.

Who can blame them when their efforts go from being well rewarded to the Socialist punishment for success.

It is a fallacy that Socialism raises up the masses to a higher level, instead it simply forces everything down to the lowest common denominator.

Whether the Democrats or the Democrat-Lites (Republicans as they are called) our Constitution and People are being sold out to a Socialist set of ideals at our expense.


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