The Lies of Inflation

‘splain Inflation to me…..

I am getting confused – back in school the explanation seemed so simple:

Inflation was caused by increasing the supply of money (value tokens as the fellow called them) faster than any increase in value of the backing commodity (Gold once upon a time, the Goodwill of a Society’s Economy in our fiat currency present).

Simple enough to understand – sort of like saying if a government divvied up the base value into more bits of money, then each bit of money would be worth something less than it had been before.

But BHO’s team keeps telling me it is High Prices that cause inflation – which as nothing to do the underlying value of any bit of money or the total supply of money.

Then they tell us it is the evil’s of a Laize Faire economy, which seems
even worse nonsense as it is that Laize Fair economy that got us this far.

So what is inflation?

‘splain it to me…..


In the words of a one writer “Easy… Liberals/Democrats/Communists simply don’t understand economics.

Economics is kind of like physics… I have an expression, “Physics is a real bitch.” It is what it is, and all the denial can’t change it. The laws of physics are as set in stone as mathematics. No matter how much you try to deny it, 2 + 2 still equals 4. And even if the state of Missouri redefines it, pi is still 3.14159(and a whole bunch of more numbers). It will never, ever be equal to 3.

Just recently the statement was made that some of us would have to accept a smaller “piece of the pie” in order for others to have more.

No, we don’t.”

“I had an economist tell me that there’s no such thing as a piece of the pie. In a capitalist economy, you just go to the kitchen and bake your own.” another friend comments.

And his father said “You know, if I get ahead, it does not have to be at the expense of others.

If I am inventive, and through hard work create things that produce wealth, it is not at the expense of others.

If I grow corn in my garden, my neighbor will not starve to death because I have corn that I grew myself.”


So don’t buy the BS, Inflation is a manifestation of direct government action.

And the government is a manifestation of our direction action/inaction.


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