Absolute page-turner with huge lessons.

VERY thought provoking novel that reads WAY too close to being a scenario the world could actually face.

Absolute page-turner with huge lessons.

Minor objections, gratuitous rough language, two or three minor editing errors (I am picky about that sort of thing, specially with a Lulu published book which can be updated almost instantly), and some Canadian-Speak an American reader might not know (like “Hydro” being the Canadian terms for all Electrical Plant power).

Andromeda Strain meets Patriots with more.



“Another Place to Die” by Sam North

“Product Description
Another Place to Die is a vivid account of individuals caught up in a worldwide flu pandemic. Set in Vancouver, Canada, this is a terrifying and realistic scenario of people facing the horror of a killer virus that will kill millions. Everything your Government said would protect you is a lie. Make a choice. Escape to a safe place or tough it out. As martial law is declared and soldiers have orders to shoot anyone breaking curfew, normal life begins to break down. Mass burial pits are being dug. Everyone is afraid of each other. The Pandemic is coming. Where will you go? Where exactly is safe? Another Place To Die is an essential survival manual everyone should read.”





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