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I will Steal for You – the Obama Promise

This week we’ve had BHO present more of his Insane Anti-Math in his budget.

He is living up to his promises to the take earnings from those who have earned them and give them unearned to those who have not earned them.

Simple words, this is called Thievery.

Theft by position of office.

When we wake up to the facts, rather than the aura the Media is putting around this clown, the stealing is comprehensive.

Here is where from:

  • Stealing from your pension
  • Stealing from the next generation
  • Stealing from the value of the dollar you hold
  • Stealing from your freedoms
  • Stealing from your inalienable rights
  • Stealing from your free will

We’re suckers to allow this to even be discussed, much less come into play.

Wonder how many “Golden Geese” taxpayers being stolen from by the BHO plan will simple stop laying their “Golden Eggs?”

Then our Goose really will be cooked.

Maybe all the times BHO responded “Present” to Illinois votes were, as to paraphrase Pres. Theodore Roosevelt, his being unable to recounter whether he should respond “Present” or the more correct “Guilty!”