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US Surpeme Court Affirms the Citizen’s Right to Bear Arms

The SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) Heller Decision has reaffirmed the armed citizenry of the USA.

We can expect many of the onious & politically motivated prohibitions on firearms to be systematically dismantled as the Heller Decision is applied.

Reading the dissenting opinions several of the judges come across as… well simply put as “stupid as a rock.”

One argued basically that because a pre-decision on Heller didn’t appear in our constitution that the government at all levels was free to do what it please.  Freaking nonsense.

Other arguments against were just as daft.

Good news in the end!



Woods Sprites and Other Mischief

Church of the Planet of the Apes

Recently while traveling I went to an ancient looking Episcopal Church’s Sunday night service.

It was a very, very, Very unusual service.

First I was the only guy – and I had one of the longer haircuts excepting the pianist and serving ladies.

The most conservative parts came from the New Zealand prayer book and then it went strange after that.

The lady priest called for posture & breathing based introspective prayer, which was met either by wide eyed wonderment (myself and a family that had wandered in) or face-withering & bawling.

The lesson, components, and even the Lord’s Prayer were paraphrased heavily – I think to the point the meanings were highly changed and so PC nuanced as to distract from the messages intended (or perhaps seeing the neo-pagan witherfest going on real meanings were not intended?)

Really weird apologetic comments in the lesson to elevate other religions as equally valid, and Christ as just one “maybe equal” path.

Rather seemed to be apologizing for being Christians.

Though the lady Reverend had apparently preconsecrated the sacraments, the eucharist part was done by another woman, who made a point of not serving the sacraments, but leaving it lay available on a faux-rough hewn table.

There was some sort of “interesting angle” to this lady doing this which escaped me – as they were talking afterwards half in code about it.

Some Taize music and some “pop charts.”

The lack of any other male was significant, and the I think I would have put people more at ease if I had said something like “I was female in my last reincarnation, really I was…” or something odd to fit in.

Nice people, but bizarre service and undertow. When the overlaid style blocks out the message & meaning I’m rather lost why even hold a service – would prefer personal prayers rather than pretending to be part of the set for some off-broadway play abut people who once had religious faith.

Pretty telling that wander-ins outnumbered those from the parish – this was low church run amuck – reminded me of the scene in Planet of the Apes where God had been substituted by a Nuclear Bomb.

In this case Political Correctness as a style was the nuclear bomb, and Christ was an onlooker to a lost ritual.

Thought you’d all find it interesting!


Social Insanity – Treating Adults as Children through Adverse Alcohol Laws

The Alcohol Laws of our nation have gone from extremes over the years – from a complete free for all, to prohibition, to the laize faire tax focused rules that only since the 1980’s have been overshadowed by Social Engineering Laws.

These well intended Social Engineering Laws have for the greater part been a failure, have had disproportionate social costs, have disenfranchised an entire age segment of our otherwise adult population, have created an underclass of lifetime scarred young adults, and have taught our youth to be criminals.

No alcohol before age 21 is nonsense.  Personal Social Responsibility (note the PERSONAL aspect) makes sense, but when laws attempt to enforce responsibility they are doomed to fail.

Treated as a stupid law leads to treating all laws as “negotiable”

Lighter penalties for illegal drug usage adding to the social folly

Vastly out of sync with world view

Bad social engineering leading to creation by design of a social underclass

Is the lesson that “The Law is an Ass” one we really want to reinforce with our young adults?

Society (American that is) needs to rethink this well meaning, but otherwise stupid bit of social engineering.


Recognizing a Domestic Terrorist – Calling for Race Riots when Justice Runs it Course

At what point will society set aside the self-claimed protectionism as “religious” or “racial” to prosecute open calls to riot, ignore the laws & courts of our country and calling to a race war?

 “We strategically know how to stop the city so people stand still and realize that you do not have the right to shoot down unarmed, innocent civilians,” Sharpton told an overflow crowd of several hundred people at his National Action Network office in the historically black Manhattan neighborhood. “This city is going to deal with the blood of Sean Bell.”

Al Sharpton so issued his call to civil disobedience – to riot in our streets – over a legal decision he has found useful to his cause.

Sharpton apparently expect a “Kangaroo Court” where no matter what the evidence justice would be sacrificed to meet his personal judgement of the case – or else he would call for a race riot.

Strip off the protective mantle of claiming “Reverend,” and Race, society finds it hard to understand how such calls for domestic terrorism remain unpunished.  

What a wonderful social lesson Sharpton teaches our youth  – a lesson to resort to riot if you can intimidate a political verdict to override any inconvenient considered legal court verdict.

Poor show, and one that seeks to disenfranchise every other fellow American at the expense of Sharpton’s need for retribution when his “Court of Al” doesn’t trump over actual justice.

When does society recognize this Timothy McVee taking action against “the state” domestic terrorism of Sharpton?




Test Message #2

Test Message #2

Test Post to Check out Appearances

Nothing like a test post to get things started!

The Usual Suspects