Annual Ride To Work Day is Monday!

Media Release: For immediate use
Date: 06/11/09
Subject: Annual Ride To Work Day is Monday!

Ride to Work Day is Monday, June 15th. We hope you will ride to work, …or ride just for fun, …or for your daily errands. And we hope you will tell your riding and non-riding friends about the event (please forward this message). Riding from A to B is important, especially on Ride to Work Day, when all riders can help increase awareness about the benefits of riding. Your support and participation will help make a positive difference for everyone.

You can also increase local PR about Ride to Work Day by contacting the media in your area (call, email or forward this message), and letting them know about the event. Or by inviting friends to meet for a Ride to Work Day breakfast, on the way to work, Monday morning. More information about the annual Ride to Work Day event is here.

At work, you can tell your associates that you rode with these stickers, designed to be printed on adhesive paper. They’re a great way to create a buzz around your workplace. On Monday, enjoy a great Ride to Work Day, and have fun!

Contact Ride to Work Day, a 501 c4 nonprofit organization, at:
POB 1072, Proctor, Minnesota, 55810 USA
218 722 9806
Mission Statement:
Advocating and supporting the use of motorcycles and scooters for transportation, and providing information about everyday riding to the public.
Some Affiliated Countries:
Canada, Germany, Philippines, England, Germany, France, Israel, Turkey, Ecuador, United States, and many others.
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Economist Thorstein Veblen’s Washington Island Study Cabin Project

INFORMATION JUST IN:  The Veblen study cabin was successfully  moved to the Jacobsen Museum property about a third of a mile from the cabin’s original location on Monday June 15th 2009.   Local Washington Island contractor Tom Jordan and his crew accomplished the move in one day.   More information will follow on the Washington Island Heritage Conservancy website (linked below).

[Update June 17th, 2009 ]

Economist Thorstein Veblen’s Weashington Island study cabin is being moved from Door County Land Trust holdings between Little Lake and Green Bay, to the Jacobsen Museum property on the south shore of Little Lake.

Veblen’s theoretical works on industrial economics is to economics as Frank Lloyd Wright designs are to architecture. Both were roughly contemporary and equally influential in their respective areas. Veblen was born in Cato, and raised in Manitowoc before moving to Minnesota and then attending Carlton College, as his childhood home is a National Heritage site in Manitowoc County.

“Veblen was a leading economist and sociologist of the early twentieth century. His views on consumption, technology, and the interactions of “Wall Street and Main Street” are widely cited and still influential. Scores of books have been written about him, and his critical writings about the economy and society continue to be in the news.

Veblen’s connections to the Island were deep. He began visiting the Island around the turn of the century, staying at the Gislason boarding house in Detroit Harbor, with the avowed purpose of learning Icelandic. At the time he was an economics professor at the University of Chicago. He continued to return to the Island during many summers, despite living in California, Missouri, Washington DC, and New York City. He purchased his Little Lake property in 1915, building both a living cabin and a study cabin on the property.

Recently the property owned by Veblen was acquired the Land Trust of Door County. Veblen’s original study cabin is being relocated and restored to the Little Lake Museum, where it will be on display. Exhibits will document the ideas and times of one of the most fascinating and influential Islanders ever.”

If you do a search of “Veblen on Washington Island” for Ward Hanson’s project website.   Jerry Maiers [corrected last name 17 June 09] and John Moore are hoping will have Veblen’s study cabin moved June 15th. Then there will be the issue of restoring the building to its 1915 condition, or at least as close as possible.

Tim Jessen, Chairman of the Town of Washington board has had the town crew ready the foundation for the anticipated cabin move. The group have enough money in the Island Heritage Conservancy account at Baylake Bank, but know that the move is just the beginning of the project. They are currently are looking for input on proper restoration of the study cabin.


A Second Pot of TEA

The Anti-Tax Tea Parties have been a great success. Now the follow up must happen.

The Main Stream Media has fallen all over itself either mocking the Tea Parties or Ignoring them all together.

Matters not, as the MSM is in the dazed stupor of a mortally wounded dying beast failing to notice its time had already passed.

The claims from the administration that they have already cut taxes is a bold of a misstatement that the President didn’t bow to the Arab King.

They can talk what they will, but our senses (and lightened pocketbooks) belie the hollowness of their claims.

I don’t know what everyone will do, but it sure seems like time for a Second Pot of TEA, followed by a Third, Fourth, Fifth and endless Tea Parties until the Government rolls back their theft by taxation.

Subsidies, Stimulus and People You Know

Do you know anyone who has “seen” the stimulus or more accurately the government subsidies?

There are those nose-in-trough trying for access to these funds, but other than the poisoned TARP monies forced on Healthy Banks, where are the dollars?

Perhaps it is the natural delay of processing?

Or perhaps the ink isn’t dry on the additional fiat currency to be distributed?

Could it be smoke & mirrors – that there is little actual stimulus money?

Wouldn’t that be called lying?

Or is that just “Politics?”

The Lies of Inflation

‘splain Inflation to me…..

I am getting confused – back in school the explanation seemed so simple:

Inflation was caused by increasing the supply of money (value tokens as the fellow called them) faster than any increase in value of the backing commodity (Gold once upon a time, the Goodwill of a Society’s Economy in our fiat currency present).

Simple enough to understand – sort of like saying if a government divvied up the base value into more bits of money, then each bit of money would be worth something less than it had been before.

But BHO’s team keeps telling me it is High Prices that cause inflation – which as nothing to do the underlying value of any bit of money or the total supply of money.

Then they tell us it is the evil’s of a Laize Faire economy, which seems
even worse nonsense as it is that Laize Fair economy that got us this far.

So what is inflation?

‘splain it to me…..


In the words of a one writer “Easy… Liberals/Democrats/Communists simply don’t understand economics.

Economics is kind of like physics… I have an expression, “Physics is a real bitch.” It is what it is, and all the denial can’t change it. The laws of physics are as set in stone as mathematics. No matter how much you try to deny it, 2 + 2 still equals 4. And even if the state of Missouri redefines it, pi is still 3.14159(and a whole bunch of more numbers). It will never, ever be equal to 3.

Just recently the statement was made that some of us would have to accept a smaller “piece of the pie” in order for others to have more.

No, we don’t.”

“I had an economist tell me that there’s no such thing as a piece of the pie. In a capitalist economy, you just go to the kitchen and bake your own.” another friend comments.

And his father said “You know, if I get ahead, it does not have to be at the expense of others.

If I am inventive, and through hard work create things that produce wealth, it is not at the expense of others.

If I grow corn in my garden, my neighbor will not starve to death because I have corn that I grew myself.”


So don’t buy the BS, Inflation is a manifestation of direct government action.

And the government is a manifestation of our direction action/inaction.

Throttle the Golden Goose – Loons of DC

Painful to watch the new Socialist Administration screw up so much, so quick.

It isn’t as if world history wasn’t full of examples of how a Laize Faire economy pushed into a Socialist State fails.

They think that with a strong grip on business & taxpayers they can force both to “lay more Golden Eggs” while they in fact are throttling the Golden Geese.

A Free Market suddenly made very much less free responds to the paradigm shift to Socialism by withholding productivity.

Atlas will Shrug – the innovators, producers and leaders will pull back.

Who can blame them when their efforts go from being well rewarded to the Socialist punishment for success.

It is a fallacy that Socialism raises up the masses to a higher level, instead it simply forces everything down to the lowest common denominator.

Whether the Democrats or the Democrat-Lites (Republicans as they are called) our Constitution and People are being sold out to a Socialist set of ideals at our expense.

Spoken Like a True Parasite

Bought a couple drinks for social acquaintances I ran into while out with friends for a Businessman’s Evening out.

Stunned we were when once they had quaffed a bit of the wine & beer I had bought them with money from my earned wages, that they then proceeded by monologue to tell me how magnificent BHO  & his Socialism was.

“Did you see Obama last night, wasn’t he simple Magnificant??!!”

Lacking in the intellectual process, it is obvious these Union waifs are spending their lives looking for institutional parents.

Too smart to pretend to even be unaware of the type of group they had joined, they compounded our awareness of their ignorance by their thought that any of us gives a toss or one speck of what they have to say after they insult a group of business owners with their Koolaide dementia.

There is a reason these sort of folk work for someone else.

Only one of our group, who has to be sensitive to the liberal side lest he be made sleep in the garage at home, was willing to keep up any conversation with these folk, and afterwards almost to man everyone asked “who were those fools?  What is with the evil crap from the bitch and doesn’t the fellow have a set of balls to tell his wife to shut up?”

On a lighter side , I did notice that drinks bought with earned wages, made of stuff from real capitalist enterprises taht produced the wine & beer, simply doesn’t choke Socialists, specially when they are not paying their own tab.

I will Steal for You – the Obama Promise

This week we’ve had BHO present more of his Insane Anti-Math in his budget.

He is living up to his promises to the take earnings from those who have earned them and give them unearned to those who have not earned them.

Simple words, this is called Thievery.

Theft by position of office.

When we wake up to the facts, rather than the aura the Media is putting around this clown, the stealing is comprehensive.

Here is where from:

  • Stealing from your pension
  • Stealing from the next generation
  • Stealing from the value of the dollar you hold
  • Stealing from your freedoms
  • Stealing from your inalienable rights
  • Stealing from your free will

We’re suckers to allow this to even be discussed, much less come into play.

Wonder how many “Golden Geese” taxpayers being stolen from by the BHO plan will simple stop laying their “Golden Eggs?”

Then our Goose really will be cooked.

Maybe all the times BHO responded “Present” to Illinois votes were, as to paraphrase Pres. Theodore Roosevelt, his being unable to recounter whether he should respond “Present” or the more correct “Guilty!”


Czars in a Land of Elected Officials

Present administration is appointing so called “Czars” right & left.

Even Sen. Byrd (D) has cautioned them these Czars are extra-constitutional, have no pass-down authority and are dangerously unaccountable to either the people or the congress.

We are a land with NO Royalty, even if some politician wants to make up cutesy names to mask illegal powers being given to appointees.

One wonders if any court could support a Czar’s wishes as if they had ANY authority.  The hollowness of their positions, their inability to operate at the level the President imagines with neither Constitutional Authority nor Empowerment as Representatives of the Government by confirmation by Congress is absolutely clear.

Like the foolish Cadets or “Third Lieutenants” often found wandering around Basic Training companies, the can only have authority by running to figures of actual authority and are actually lower than the enlisted soldiers they imagine they can boss around, these Czars are empty shirts.

Mr President, in the case of your Czars, “The Emperor has no Clothes” – these people may be YOUR advisors, but they have NO authority over We the People.

Lack of Primary Sources

I’ve held off doing much posting, as other pressing needs have kept me from spending much time talking with primary sources.

And to be honest I’m not happy to spend time wading through nightmare socialism trying to find something good in the midst of horrible national politics.