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Reports that FBI Senior Agents Oppose an Obama Presidency

I received a phone call that in southern LA state the talk radio had featured a democratic party senior FBI agent stating that the associations of Obama’s should be reason enough to never consider him for a position of Trust & Responsibility like the Presidency:


For you that don’t know, WWL is one of the big boys, one of the original “clear channel” stations from way back at the inception of radio.  Like WLS in Chicago, etc.  They cover the south, and could be heard in South Carolina when I was there.  At night, all over the country.
Just before Spud McConnell’s afternoon show went off at 4pm, they had been talking about domestic terrorism with this area’s FBI Special Agent In Charge.  (Spud was not on, it was another host)  That agent said, and I am paraphrasing, but best I can do:
“McVey was angry about Waco.  But Bill Ayers wanted to bring down the US Government and substitute his own through murder and intimidation.  We are a government of laws and the Constitution.  There are ways to affect change at every election, at the ballot box and through petition.  But Ayers chose to use murder and intimidation.  The FBI opened a case and investigated thoroughly.
“And I’m a diehard Democrat because I think there are basically some things wrong with the Republican Party, but you just have to question what’s going on when the Democrats have put up for the highest office in the land a person that has chosed to align himself with known terrorists like Bill Ayers.  You have to really question who you are going to vote for.  Something is basically wrong here and you have to question it.”
You could tell the host, and it was not Spud, but was during the time his show was on… a replacement as Spud was out for some reason?  That happens a lot.  But you could tell the host was quite embarrassed about what the the Agent said, and tried to interrupt and change the subject.  But the Agent kept going.  Finally the radio interviewer said, “we’ll have to continue this at another time”, and he went to a commercial break, and that was the end of the show, news at the top of the hour.
Spud is one of the good guys, and conservative but fair to both sides.  It was NOT Spud on during that time.
Anyway, my point, this Special Agent just put his job on the line.  You KNOW that he’s being called on the carpet right this minute.  And if the Messiah gets in, you KNOW this guy will have to retire. 
But there was a thing in his voice, he was scared.  I think he was truly frightened what was going to happen to our country if Obama gets in.
Also, about Spud McConnell
JOHN “SPUD” MCCONNELL hosts WWL’s “Talk Gumbo” weekdays from  1pm to 4pm  on (WWL-AM-FM &  Spud was born and raised in Bayou country and is loved for his down home approach to talk. John holds a Master’s degree in acting. His career has taken him to Hollywood for three seasons on ABC’s Roseanne Show and to a successful run Off-Broadway in the one-man show, The Kingfish.  A favorite in Southern-based film and stage productions, John is also a “living landmark.” Spud was honored with a life-sized bronze statue on New Orleans’ historic Canal Street commemorating his portrayal of Ignatius J. Reilly from the stage adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize winning novel, A Confederacy of Dunces.   
(Note, “The Kingfish” was the nickname of former Gov Huey P. Long.)
It was Tommy Tucker filling in for Spud.
(If the link doesn’t go, add the ? mark to the URL in your address bar)
Tommy Tucker hosts The Tommy Tucker Show Sunday mornings from 7 to 10am on the BIG 870, 105.3 WWL-FM and  This show features a unique “Up Close and Personal” feature that airs at 9.  Previous guests have included Angela Hill, Donna Brazile, Arnold Fielkow and three generations of Heberts–Bob Sr., Bobby “the Cajun Canon” Jr., and “T-Bob”, Bobby’s son.  Tommy also fills-in for Garland Robinette, Spud McConnell and Bob DelGiorno as needed and helps produce the Garland Robinette show on WWL. 
WWL doesn’t have this portion of the show up as an audio clip, but hopefully will soon.  I would prefer to hear it first hand.

Let the Youngsters Play? – Will McCain Send Palin to Mississippi tonight?

Will the GOP keep McCain doing government work (well President Bush did request the Presidential Candidates participate in doing this bit of difficult governing) and send in his stead Gov Sarah Palin to debate Barry-O in Mississippi?